OB/GYN Services

Obstetric Services

Our experienced physicians and certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) assist with the following:

Pre-Pregnancy Planning
Planning is key to having a healthy pregnancy. We will meet with you and your partner to review your medical and prior pregnancy history, current medications, nutritional issues, possible laboratory or radiology studies (if needed), and any other concerns that may be relevant to your future pregnancy plans. We also offer social services to assist in the process of pre-pregnancy planning. 

Normal Pregnancy Care
Our goal is to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. At your "OB Confirmation” visit, we will discuss nutrition, available and recommended tests, prenatal vitamins, and what to expect throughout your pregnancy, while offering you support from social services if needed. 

Adolescent Care
We provide obstetrical care, education, financial assistance, social services, and support to ensure pregnant adolescents and their developing baby are both healthy and safe. When the time comes, we will discuss delivery options and help each expectant teen choose the best option for her. If you believe you may be pregnant, please contact our office online or via phone, and we can help with testing and prenatal care.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are infections spread through sexual activity. STDs may or may not produce symptoms, but they can have severe consequences for developing babies during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and a woman’s overall health. If you suspect you may have an STD, please contact our office online or via phone to make an appointment. Many STDs are treatable, and we can educate you on prevention, treatment, and precautions to prevent transmission to partners.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care
High-risk pregnancies carry risks to both the mother and the developing baby. A pregnancy may be termed, “high-risk,” if you have a medical condition or develop one during pregnancy. All pregnancies in women over the age 35 are considered high-risk. With careful monitoring and management, most women with high-risk pregnancies deliver healthy babies. We work closely with Maternal-Fetal Medicine perinatologists (high-risk pregnancy specialists) and will take appropriate action to achieve a healthy outcome for both mother and baby.

Infertility Treatment
Sometimes the toughest part of a pregnancy is getting pregnant. We will review your history and physical exam to try and determine any obvious causes of infertility. After review of your history and exam, we will refer you to a qualified infertility specialist, if necessary, and we'll help you decide which specialist group is best for your needs.

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Gynecologic Services

Our experienced physicians and certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) assist with the following:

Biopsies are used to determine if a suspicious area is benign or cancerous. Biopsies can usually be taken from any outside surface or from inside the uterus—in the case of abnormal uterine bleeding—without the need for anesthesia or major surgery. We can safely and quickly perform most biopsies in our office. If you have abnormal uterine bleeding or have a concerning bump or lesion on the inside or outside of your vagina, and would like to be evaluated for possible biopsy, please contact us for an appointment.

Birth Control
There are many different birth control options, including hormonal medications, IUDs, and both long-term and permanent options. We offer:

  • Nexplanon® Insertion
  • Essure® Permanent Birth Control
  • ParaGard® IUD

A colposcopy is a magnifying scope, like a microscope, which allows our physicians to look for abnormalities on the cervix. It is often the first step in the management of an abnormal Pap smear. If needed, biopsies can be obtained during the colposcopy. We are experienced in this quick and simple procedure, which can be performed in the comfort our office. If you have an abnormal Pap smear and would like to make an appointment to discuss colposcopy, please contact our office. 

daVinci® Robotic Services
The daVinci Surgical System is a minimally invasive robotic surgical procedure that often results in less bleeding, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and a faster return to normal activities for patients. The daVinci laparoscopic surgical system can be used to treat benign and malignant conditions of the uterus, including:

  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Uterine Prolapse
  • Gynecological Cancers

Medical and surgical options are both available for the management of problematic fibroids—common benign growths of the uterine muscle that often have no symptoms and can go undetected for many years. Sometimes, fibroids grow larger or are associated with heavy and painful periods that don't respond as well to hormonal treatments. Fibroids can cause bowel and bladder discomfort if they grow large and press on these pelvic structures. Sometimes fibroids can be a cause of recurrent miscarriage, infertility, and painful sexual intercourse.

Genetic Preliminary Screening
Genetic counseling regarding factors that may increase a patient's risk of developing breast, ovarian, colon, and other cancers is offered. For more information about your personal risk profile, please contact our office online or via phone to make an appointment. 

Laparoscopic Procedures
“Traditional" laparoscopic procedures, as well as the most advanced daVinci® robotic laparoscopic procedures – often resulting in shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and a quicker return to normal activities – are offered.

Menopause Management
The latest research about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms is taken into consideration. If hormonal medications are not right for you, we can discuss alternatives to traditional HRT, to assist in treating your hot flashes, night sweats, and to minimize or prevent bone loss.

Pap Smears
A Pap smear or “Pap Test” involves obtaining a sample of cells from your cervix (the bottom-most part of your uterus) and looking for abnormal changes that can lead to cervical cancer. It is recommended that women receive a pap smear annually.

PMS/PMDD Management
We will evaluate any PMS symptoms (such as moodiness and irritability, crying spells, insomnia, breast tenderness and bloating) and recommend treatment options that best suit your needs. For an appointment, please contact our office online or via phone.

Routine Gynecological Examinations
Routine annual visits include pelvic and breast exams, Pap smears, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, contraception counseling, and family planning. If you are due for mammography or bone density testing, we will refer you.

Lactation Consultants
On-site Lactation Education Consultants (LEC) provide lactation education to help guide mothers and provide them with the information needed to be successful at breastfeeding. To make an appointment with a Lactation Consultant, please call 856-218-2312.

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