STAT Medical Services

A Complete Fleet of Transportation Services

STAT Transport Services offers medical transport services for any number of non-emergent transportation needs.

Ambulance Transport (Basic Life Support): 

Certified Emergency Medical Technicians provide basic life support medical transportation for patients requiring stretcher transportation, oxygen therapy and vital sign monitoring.

Bariatric Medical Transportation: 

STAT Medical Transport offers non-emergent ambulance transportation to the bariatric patient. STAT Medical Transport EMTs are certified in bariatric patient handling, as well as the culture of safety for the bariatric patient. STAT’s bariatric transportation ambulance is equipped with an ambulance stretcher that when lowered, can support a weight of up to 1,600 pounds, and when raised, can support a weight of up to 850 pounds. The stretcher is above average size at 25” wide and 73” long. The stretcher is moved into and out of the ambulance with a TranSafe ramp and winch system specially designed to work with the bariatric ambulance stretcher. All this specialized equipment enhances safety and comfort during transportation. 

Specialty Care Transport Units (SCTU): 

Licensed Critical Care Registered Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians provide advanced life support medical transportation for patients requiring cardiac monitoring, neurological monitoring, IV therapy, medication administration and mechanical ventilation.

Mobility-Assisted Vehicles (MAV):

Certified Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians provide transportation for patients requiring a wheelchair. They transport these patients upon hospital discharge, to and from physician appointments, same day procedures and also to weddings, funerals and to their home for therapeutic visitations.

Shuttle Transportation: 

CPR, First Aid and P.A.S.S.-certified personnel provide a door-to-door service, transporting patients to and from doctor's appointments, same-day surgeries, as well as ambulatory patient discharges. Transportation of boxed items (weighing less than 50 pounds) between facilities is available.

Behavioral Health Transport: 

Drivers transport patients to and from detox, substance abuse and behavioral health treatment programs.

Radiation Oncology: 

CPR, First Aid and P.A.S.S.-certified personnel provide door-to-door service, transporting patients to and from the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center-Washington Township for treatment.

Courier Services: 

Drivers operating on established routes moving mail, letters, medical charts, laboratory specimens and pharmaceuticals.