Nutritional Counseling: What to Expect

At the Nutrition Department, our goal is to help you apply healthy eating strategies to your every day life in order to help you feel your best! You might be wondering what a nutrition appointment is like, and we want you to have a good idea of what is going to happen.

Nutrition FAQs

Nutritional Counseling: What to Expect

The focus of your first visit will be on creating a relationship. You will discuss your health history and your typical diet and come up with a goal/action plan with the dietitian. 

What you will gain from your visit: 

We want you to reach your health goals! We are here to listen and want to know just how much your current diet and lifestyle means to you.

You should expect to gain a trusted ally to support you through your health journey. You should also expect to see results; with results comes commitment and willingness to try new things. If you can be brave and share with us your feelings about certain foods, we will be able to meet you halfway and help you find the solutions to your dietary issues.

You won't be told not to eat certain foods: 

We want you to enjoy your life, and we understand that food is one of the many joys of life.

Any changes you make to your diet will have to work for you in order for it to be successful. We don’t expect you transition from eating one way to doing a complete overhaul of your diet in one visit. Change takes time. We focus on helping you make small, realistic changes. Any recommendations we make will take into account your tastes and your dietary needs.

There is no lengthy visit requirement and no set schedule: 

The number of times you come to see us is something that you and your dietitian will decide together and will be based on your individual needs.

We usually recommend at least one follow-up, where you will have the chance to share your successes as well as your concerns.

We want to give you all the support you need to improve your health. We understand that life is busy and that responsibilities can pull you in different directions. It can be hard to commit time to work on your nutrition. Remember, there is no set schedule that you have to keep in order to focus on your diet. We are here to help you stay on track.

Insurance may cover your visits: 

Many insurance plans cover nutritional counseling, although some require a referral for these services. For coverage and referral information, please check with your insurance company.

For more information, such as codes that would be used, you can contact our center at (844) 309-7708.