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Jefferson Primary Care Voorhees
443 Laurel Oak Road
Suite 130
Voorhees, NJ 08043
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Direct Phone: 844-542-2273

Office Hours:

Suite 130

Tues: 8:40am - 5pm
Wed: 2 - 8pm
Thurs: 1 - 5pm (once a month) 
Fri: 8:20am - 4pm
Sat: 9am-1pm (3rd Saturday)


Specialty:Family Medicine
Focus Area:
Primary Care
Family Medicine
TelePrEP for HIV Prevention
Languages:Chinese - Mandarin,English
Clinical Focus:

Family Medicine

Direct Fax: 856-770-9194

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Background & Education

Medical School:University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Residency:Inspira Medical Center Woodbury
Board Certification:Family Practice

Professional Appointments & Affiliations

  • 2014-Present NJAFP (New Jersey Association of Family Physicians) - Physician Member
  • 2017-Present Palliative Care Committee Member
  • 2017-present Inspira Physician Leadership Program member
  • 2017-Present Inspira Woodbury Hospital Clinical Consensus Committee member



Welcome to Jefferson Health at Voorhees. I am a board certified family physician with experience in caring for all ages and a broad spectrum of medical needs. Family medicine, to me, is about compassionate, thoughtful and personalized care for people of all backgrounds and preferences – I look forward to taking care of you and your family. I am particularly experienced in a wide variety of office-based procedures including:
o    Muscle/trigger point injections for acute and chronic pain, occipital injections for headaches
o    Large and small joint injections including knees, shoulder, greater trochanter (external hip), carpal tunnel, De Quervain (wrist), elbow. Keloid injections. 
o    Women’s health procedures pap smears, long term contraception including mirena, Nexplanon, paraguard
o    Skin procedures including skin tag removal, cyst removal, drainage of abscess/pimples, mole removals, biopsies for abnormal moles and freckles. Includes shave, punch and excisional biopsies. 
o    Treatment of limited ingrown toenail issues
o    Cryotherapy (freezing) for moles, warts and benign skin issues

Here are my tips help you make the most of your appointments with me:
-    Think about all of the issues you would like addressed and list them at the beginning of the visit. This will help keep us organized and prioritize. If you remember something at the end, we may not have time to talk it over thoroughly to diagnose and treat but please feel free to bring it up.
-    I request patients make a visit for new illnesses that may need antibiotics. This because new medications all carry risks and antibiotics can actually cause infections.
-    I also request that you make a visit if you want to see a new specialist for a medical issue we have never discussed. Many medical issues can be cared for in the primary care setting without waiting for a specialist appointment. 

As a physician it is my duty and privilege to help you work towards excellent health.
I look forward to working with you     ~      Karen Dong M.D.

Ages Served: All Ages 


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