In Hospital

As one of our guests, you will be treated like part of the family by the entire Jefferson Health New Jersey team. If there's anything you need during your stay, don't hesitate to ask. And welcome to the family!

In Hospital

Patient FAQs

At Jefferson Health New Jersey, we want you to feel empowered about your health and your health care—every step of the way. If you're planning a hospital stay or you're already in one of our hospitals, you may have questions. Relax. We've compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Patient Navigator Program

You have enough to do with your everyday responsibilities. When you or a loved one gets sick or hurt, aside from the worry that comes with it, there are usually the headaches of dealing with insurance, making appointments, following up, and so on. It's enough to make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. But you don't have to.

Living Will

We want to make sure that any decisions made regarding your life-prolonging treatment are made by you. As a patient of Jefferson Health New Jersey, you'll have the opportunity to learn about and make a valid Living Will or to appoint a proxy to speak for you should you not be able to make decisions or communicate your decisions.