Jefferson Health New Jersey Code of Conduct

The Jefferson Code of Conduct is our enterprise CREDO - the Complete Roadmap Explaining our Duties and Obligations.

Jefferson Health New Jersey Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The CREDO steers our enterprise-wide commitment to the principles of ethical behavior, fairness, and respect by which all of us must operate.  Read below for information on our Code of Conduct and our confidential alert line.

Jefferson is dedicated to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of its operations and its professional and business conduct. Together, we work to protect our values.  The Code describes the expectations Jefferson has for all members of our community and identifies the appropriate channels and tools available to report concerns.  Click here to read the Code of Conduct - Recently Revised.

Potential Code Violations

All members of the Jefferson community are expected to be honest and use good judgment. The behavior examples below represent potential violations of the Code:

  • Knowingly authorizing or participating in a violation of federal, state or local law and/or regulations
  • Leaders, supervisors or managers failing to provide adequate supervision or displaying a lack of diligence in ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and policies, including our Code.
  • Punishing individuals who report issues and/or concerns in good faith.
  • Deliberately filing false Code violation reports.
  • Submitting falsified medical, business or academic records.
  • Actions that are discriminatory or rise to the level of harassment.
  • Intentional behaviors that put at risk the privacy and security of Protected Health Information, other confidential information, or private business information.

Reporting Possible Code of Conduct Violations

You do not have to be sure that you are right to raise concerns about potential violations of the Code, Jefferson’s policies, laws, or regulations. Jefferson will investigate all good faith reports of possible misconduct.

Jefferson Health NJ employees can ask questions or report issues to their immediate supervisor, higher-level department managers or leaders, human resources, compliance officer or a reporting alert line.  Click here to access the brochure.

Additionally, anyone can anonymously and confidentially report concerns by using our third-party 24/7 alert line accessible by phone at 1-833-ONE-CODE (1-833-663-2633) or online at