Mind, Body & Spirit Series-Create a Positive World through Vision Boarding

Vision Boards are pictures, words & thoughts put on paper that help us focus on what we would like to attain in our life. But with our world now changed, haven't many of our dreams? Let's take this time to refocus on what is important in our lives. What are our dreams and goals even during this unrestful time? During this 45-minute Zoom creative class, you will begin to create your new Vision Board for 2020 and beyond.  Upon signing up for the class, you will be sent a detailed list of the materials that would be helpful to gather prior to creating your Vision Board.

Speaker:  Jen Fleisher, BS Exercise Physiology

                 Mine, Body & Spirit Consultant

                 Certified Meditation Instructor & Reiki Level II


Wednesday, October 14

Time:7:00pm to 7:45pm

Zoom link will be emailed prior to event.

Please see registration details below for the Zoom link.


Unlimited slots available