Gentle Yoga For Seniors- Session III

Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle and a yoga mat.

Instructor:  Myrna Mandelbaum

***FOR THE FIRST CLASS:  Please bring a photo ID and arrive 15 minutes early to complete a consent/release form.***

I have decided to participate in the Jefferson Health’s exercise/fitness class. I understand my participation is voluntary. I understand the physical exertion associated with these classes may be strenuous. I understand it is my responsibility to discuss my participation in view of my age, medical condition, or musculoskeletal problems with a physician of my own choosing and receive my physician’s clearance prior to my participation. I will monitor my participation in the class and rest whenever I determine the level of exertion is greater than I can tolerate.

By registering for this event, I agree to release Jefferson Health, its staff, instructors, employees, agents, officers, directors and consultants from any liability for damages, injuries, or losses suffered during, or resulting from, my participation in this physical activity. I agree to accept responsibility for all of the consequences of my participation in these exercise/fitness classes.


July 2 - August 6

(No class July 4th and 23rd)

Time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Kennedy Fitness - Cherry Hill
1432 Route 70
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Unlimited slots available