The Emergency Medicine Residency Program is thirty-six (36) months in length. The program operates on a block schedule. Each academic year consists of thirteen (13) blocks with a single block being 4 weeks / 28 days. 

PGY - 1

•    Emergency Medicine (7.5 Blocks)
•    Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Nemours A.I. Dupont (1 Block) 
•    Critical Care (1 Block)
•    OB/GYN (1 Block) 
•    Medicine Nigh Float (1 Block/ split into two half blocks) 
•    Anesthesia (0.5 Block) 
•    Ophthalmology (0.5 Block) 
•    Radiology (0.5 Block) 

PGY - 2

•    Emergency Medicine (7 Blocks) 
•    Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Virtua Voorhees (1.5 Blocks)
•    Procedural Sedation – Nemours A.I Dupont (0.5 Block) 
•    Critical Care (1 Block) 
•    Trauma (2 Blocks) 
•    Pediatric ICU (1 Block)

PGY - 3

•    Emergency Medicine (9 Blocks) 
•    Critical Care (1 Block) 
•    Emergency Medicine Services (1 Block) 
•    Neurology / Stoke (0.5 Block) 
•    Neurosurgery / Neuro Critical Care (0.5 Block)
•    Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Nemours A.I Dupont (1 Block)  


Residents have access to ultrasound during every shift. Our residents are trained on new state of the art GE Venue Point of Care ultrasound machines that are available in each emergency department across the three divisions. Dedicated ultrasound teaching shifts are integrated into the schedule during EM blocks. 


We have a dedicated pediatric emergency medicine block in each PGY level, in admission to the 2-week pediatric procedural sedation and a 4-week pediatric ICU rotation. Residents also see all pediatric patients during EM blocks at the Cherry Hill and Stratford hospitals.


Resident schedules include weekly dedicated time for academic conference. Conference takes place on Wednesday mornings. A typical conference schedule will include an oral boards style case presentation, Rosens text and journal article review, faculty presentation, and guest speakers. Lectures on toxicology from a poison control toxicologist and pediatric emergency medicine lectures from CHOP faculty are given monthly. Wellness Wednesday occurs several times per year on the fifth Wednesday of the month where in place of conference we do something together to promote wellness (bowling, Top Golf, hayride, ski trip, etc…)


Sim lab is incorporated into the schedule during EM blocks and provides opportunities for residents to work through challenging cases and improve their skills in a controlled, low pressure environment. 

Journal Club

Journal Club occurs once a month, usually on a Monday night. Residents meet at a faculty member’s home to discuss journal articles, interesting cases, and go over procedures. Food and drinks are always provided. Many residents stay late to spend time together.