Professional Shared Governance

Professional Shared Governance Structure

Professional practice at Jefferson Health - New Jersey is guided by a shared governance structure that promotes growth and optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction through system-wide and unit based councils.

The Nursing Coordinating Council

The Nursing Coordinating Council provides a forum for coordination, consolidation of information and improvements of the other shared governance councils. Coordinating Council coordinates collaboration between nursing shared governance and hospital interdisciplinary committees.

The Nurse Executive Council (NEC)

The Nurse Executive Council (NEC) provides leadership and executive oversight for organizational strategic and operational priorities that support a culture of nursing excellence.

The Safe Practice Council

The Safe Practice Council promotes and maintains a safe cost effective high quality patient care environment. Other goals include:

  • Promote Evidenced based Practice and consistent nursing practice standards.
  • Support nursing practice to meet regulatory agency standards and requirements.
  • Provide a structure which enables defining, evaluating, implementing and improving practice and quality of work life issues within nursing.

The EBP & Research Council

The EBP & Research Council promotes quality improvement, evidence-based practice and research activities that are essential to the development of evidence-based practice, quality outcomes and cost effective patient care.

The Professional Development Council

The Professional Development Council assesses educational needs and provides opportunities for lifelong learning, health promotion, and professional development within nursing and in our surrounding internal and external communities.


Nurse Workplace Environment and Staffing Council

The Nurse Workplace Environment and Staffing Council provides a formal, collaborative structure and process that gives clinical nurses (direct care staff nurses) a respected voice in the determination of human and environmental resources needed to deliver best care to patients and to provide a forum of participative leadership that supports equal participation of staff in collaboration with management.

Nursing Informatics Council

Nursing Informatics Council serves as a resource to and promote the role of technology and informatics in the delivery of safe patient care. The council recommends Informatics solutions to Coordinating Council that will enhance clinical practice and work efficiency.

Night Shift Council

Night Shift Council provides a forum to improve the professional practice environment of night-shift nurses. There is one night shift council at each Jefferson Health – New Jersey campus.

Unit Council

Unit Council is the governing body for all nursing staff at the unit level to support decision making related to clinical practice and a positive work environment. 

Recognition and Engagement Council

The Recognition and Engagement Council provides a formal, collaborative structure and process that gives nurses at all levels a respected voice in the allocation of rewards and recognition that help foster a culture of engagement. It is a forum supportive of shared governance and is focused on driving MAGNET activities, recognizing extraordinary care, fostering ownership and accountability,