Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Jefferson Nurse Professional Practice Model (PPM)

A Professional Practice Model is a schematic description of a system, theory, or phenomenon that depicts how nurses collaborate, communicate, and develop to provide the highest quality of care for those served by the organization (ANCC, 2010). 

A key is the graphic representation used for our PPM. The key, an everyday object operates with a precise design and provides entry into locked areas, just as nurses provide insight into patient care. The key requires multiple parts to be effective in its purpose – these parts are used to represent the multiple dimensions of the Jefferson Nurse

· The head of the key represents the collaborative relationship that is fostered at Jefferson between the professional nurse and the patient / family. This relationship promotes an environment of trust and respect where each person contributes and is an active member in the plan of care. The patient is the center of our practice.

· The rings that make up the head reflect the attributes of the Jefferson Nurse

o Expertise

o Integrity

o Innovation

o Compassion

o Confidence

o Connection

o Empathy

o Dignity

o Kindness

o Partnership

o Inspiration

o Advocacy

· The shoulder of the key signifies the high priority of safety within nursing practice. This is the stabilizing force ensuring we do not harm.

· The blade of the key represents our care delivery model – the QUALITY CARING Model®, developed by our nursing theorist, Joanne R. Duffy. This model focuses on relationships, professional development, and self-care as a means to promote quality care.

· The cut of the key represents that we are “One Jefferson Nurse,” each of us embracing the mission, vision, and values of Jefferson with every encounter.

· This PPM is a reflection of each and every nurse at Jefferson. Commitment to our patients/families/and each other is second to none. The strong focus on safety and quality care drives our outcomes.

· Nursing is the Key