Nursing Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model

A professional Practice Model is a schematic description of a system, theory, or phenomenon that depicts how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop to provide the highest quality of care for those served by the organization.  (ANCC, 2010)

Our model is represented by the key images of the lantern, candle and heart.

  • The base of the lantern represents the foundation upon which our practice is built.  Nightingale and Watson are the theorists that guide our practice with a strong focus on quality, safety, and compassion.  We embrace the concept of relationship-based care and we are committed to fostering relationships with patients, families and colleagues to promote excellent safety and quality outcomes through the implementation of evidence-based practice. 
  • From this foundation arise the four pillars of the lantern: ownership, collaboration, communication, and leadership.  The pillars uphold the top of the lantern and sustain the mission, vision, and values.  Through these supports we are able to realize advancement in professional development and shared governance.   This fosters a collegial environment between management and clinical nurses that promotes collaborative decision making related to practice, quality, and competence.
  • The candle is at the center of everything and represents our passion: the patients, families / caregivers, and community that we serve.  Nursing at Kennedy is represented by the flame.  The light represents our warm and nurturing essence and radiates the values that each team member holds: Integrity, Humanity, Excellence, Acceptance, Respect, Teamwork.  Through these values we strive to meet the physical, cultural, and spiritual needs of our patients, families, and community.

The heart at the top of the lantern is symbolic of our tradition for providing compassionate care to those we serve.

Nurses Light the Way for our Patients, Family and Community.