Nursing Care Delivery System

Care Delivery Model

Care delivery at Jefferson Health – New Jersey is based on the Quality Caring© Model developed by nursing theorist Joanne Duffy, PhD. This model combines the art and science of nursing and stresses the equal importance of both. With a focus on both quality and caring, the Quality Caring Model provides nurses with a tangible foundation to build their practice and embed caring into the healthcare environment.

The model places relationships at the core of the nursing process: relationships with patients/families, colleagues, self, and community. These caring relationships, combined with evidence-based practice, empower nurses to foster cohesive teams and promote quality care. This conceptual approach allows individuals to feel cared for, and cultivates an environment of collaboration.

Eight Caring Behaviors

  • Mutual Problem Solving: Assists patients and caregivers to understand, learn, and think about their health and illness, and promotes their active engagement in decision-making regarding their care.
  • Attentive Reassurance: Being attentive to the patient and present in the moment,
  • Human Respect: Value all individuals through unconditional acceptance, care with dignity, and recognition of individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Encouraging Manner: Communicate in a supportive manner, with positive thoughts with openness to feelings of others.
  • Appreciation of Unique Meanings: Recognize that all individuals are a blend of their unique life experiences, and incorporate that knowledge into the relationship.
  • Healing environment: Provide care that maintains the patient’s privacy, safety, and control.
  • Basic Human Needs: Understand that all humans have basic physiological, safety, love/belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs, and incorporate these aspects in the plan of care.
  • Affiliation Needs: Value and engage the family and caregivers, recognizing that all individuals need to feel they are included.

The Quality Caring Model is aligned with the mission, vision, and values of Jefferson Health and provides a framework for our nurses to serve as patient advocates, putting the patient and family at the center of our work. We strive to improve the lives of those we touch each day.