What Your Apparel Says About You: The Real Men Wear Pink - Brian Duffy Edition

October 8, 2019

The apparel you wear, more times than not, is an extension of your personality.

When it comes to choosing the most fashionable digs, Brian Duffy, Director of Rehabilitation at Jefferson Health New Jersey, allows his taste to shine in the form of bright colors, bold patterns, and sophisticated accessories that bring his entire look together.

Brian, 12-year employee and this year’s Real Men Wear Pink representative, expresses his vibrant sense of fashion at home, at work, and throughout the community. Let’s find out why!


Is there a story behind your clothes?

I’ve always been a little bold with my fashion choices. As a teen, I recall giving up my entire back-to-school wardrobe for a very 70’s wide collard, soft, brown, velour shirt with a white stripe in the middle.


What does your fashion sense say about you and your personality?

My sense of fashion says that I’m thoughtful and take pride in my appearance. Also, I’m not afraid of a little risk and try not to take myself too seriously.


What might your appearance say about you to your patients?

My appearance says that I strive to conduct myself as a professional at all times; however, there was that one time I dressed head-to-toe in a purple "Members Only" jacket with matching pants. 


How do people react when they see this piece of apparel?

People are usually very complimentary, but sometimes, you can tell they really don’t like what I’m wearing or just don’t get it.


Who else do you know that wears something unique and would share their story?

Dr. Barrett Woods or Dr. James Guidice


If you want to get to know Brian, and his unique sense of fashion, check out our Real Men Wear Pink Instagram highlight for a look into why Brian is supporting this year’s campaign and impressing everyone with his stylized pink outfits!

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