TroJah Morgan: A Success Story

October 3, 2018

This life chose me!

I was overweight my entire life. Born nine pounds nine and a half ounces pretty much set the tone for the weight struggles I’d constantly endure from childhood into adulthood. I’ve been told stories of how my family would overfeed me as a child. One year on Thanksgiving, they fed me so much I had to go to the hospital to get my stomach pumped. However, these stories and my weight only DESCRIBED me. In no way, shape, form or fashion did I allow it to DEFINE me!

I was gifted and talented in many things but still was always known as the BIG girl with the “pretty” face or the BIG girl who can SING! Over the years, and into adulthood, I got tired of that being my narrative. I found my voice! I discovered my passion and started walking in my purpose. Since 2009, I’ve lead a community organization for overweight women and young girls. I host workshops and support groups empowering and encouraging self-love and body acceptance. I built an incredible social media platform and network of women who - like me - were seeking images and inspiration of plus size women living and LOVING life! We weren’t hopeless and helpless. What we were was stuck in a rut of having low esteem and self-confidence. Many of us celebrated our curves and learned to love the skin we were in.

My reality started to change as I got married, had children and traveled. I had the harsh reality set in that my weight was starting to hinder the quality of my life. I wasn’t playing in the parks with my children. I started becoming embarrassed every time I boarded a plane because I needed a seat belt extension. Going up a flight of stairs was getting harder and harder. Even being intimate with my husband started to change. I found myself joining weight watchers and was only 11 pounds away from 400 hundred pounds. I cried when I got on the scale because I never realized just how big I was. I tried diets and different regimens on my own for years. Nothing ever lasted. I would nearly kill myself working out five days a week only to lose two pounds.  I realized I had to do something about it. Most importantly, I had to stop caring what everyone else thought, especially the community of plus sized women I had surrounded myself with, and make the decision to SAVE MY LIFE!

How could I challenge these women to love themselves truly when here I was struggling with my own weight issues. I realized that weight loss surgery was NOT the easy way out. It was truly a tool to jumpstart the lifestyle change I was so desperately seeking. My message is still the same only now there is an added clause. If you love yourself then you’ll take the BEST care of yourself. That requires taking a REAL assessment of your health which can force you to see how your weight has started to cripple you and decrease your quality of life. That’s what happened to me. I finally accepted medical intervention because I decided I WANTED TO LIVE!

While I didn’t have any extreme illnesses, I was literally one or two points away from EVERYTHING. I didn’t want to wait for the doctor to tell me I had to take medication for the rest of my life before making a change. Currently, I am almost six months out from having a baby girl and I am super proud that I am back to my pre-baby weight. This means that VSG STILL works for me! I had my surgery in August 2016! Now, not only did I divorce the park benches but I’m beating my kids when racing! No more asking for seatbelt extensions. Now, I have lots of space after buckling it! I am looking forward to running behind my first baby girl because she’s already in a walker. Plus, this past summer, I already beat my boys (ages 7 & 11) at a game of basketball!

Can you believe I wrote my first book titled, “MY FAT IS NOT A FLAW” back in 2013? I employed women to have CONFIDENCE IN THEIR CURVES and that’s still my message - still my passion. Currently, my new book tells the story of the struggles that come along with the weight and the toll it takes on your health. It talks about still being confident in your body but also being REAL about what’s going on and seeking the necessary help to put you on the right path to health and wealth! It’s titled “Winning the War on Weight” because this weight thing is truly a war and with the right tools we WILL WIN!