Region’s First Minimally-Invasive Endovascular Procedure to Prepare Patients for Hemodialysis performed by Jefferson Health NJ-based Interventional Radiologist

March 1, 2019

Jefferson Health Interventional Radiologist Dr. David Goldstein became the first physician in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region to perform a new procedure that creates an arteriovenous (AV) fistula, necessary for patients with chronic kidney disease needing bloodstream access for hemodialysis. The procedure took place Jefferson Stratford Hospital on February 27th.

The U.S. FDA-approved procedure — which uses Becton, Dickinson and Company’s WavelinQ™ EndoAVF System — does not require traditional “open” surgery using general anesthesia; instead, it is performed in an Interventional Radiology Suite and the patient is sedated. A member of Jefferson Health’s New Jersey medical staff, Dr. Goldstein – who recently underwent training for the technique at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston – performed the WavelinQ™ procedure on a male patient in his fifties who will need dialysis.

A connection between an artery and vein with an AV fistula is crucial for dialysis patients to undergo life-sustaining treatment via hemodialysis. AV fistulas are created to increase the amount of blood flow from the artery directly into the vein, causing the vein to grow for sufficient dialysis access and treatment.

Dr. Goldstein called the WavelinQ™ EndoAVF System procedure a “game-changer.” Unlike the traditional method of an open surgery forearm incision for bloodstream access, AV fistulas can also be created using this new completely endovascular approach, which Dr. Goldstein noted is less painful, and allows for quicker recovery and no scarring. To create the artery-vein connection using the WavelinQ™ EndoAVF System, a small puncture is made into the artery and vein. Magnets within the catheters that are placed in the artery and vein pull them close together, allowing radio frequency to create a hole between the two to create the AV fistula.

This was the first time the Bard WavelinQ™ Endovascular AV Fistula Creation System procedure was performed in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, according to Becton, Dickinson and Company officials, and the third time in New Jersey.