A 'Plate' in the Life of a Bariatric Dietitian

March 31, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your dietitian’s go-to meals & snacks are? Here’s your inside look. Andrea Bookoff, MS, RD, recently shared with us what she ate for an entire day, as well as some of her favorite snacks and baked goods and a peek inside her pantry!


Andrea loves to meal prep and thrives on routine; throughout the week, she starts most mornings off with a breakfast smoothie. One of her favorites is a chocolate peanut butter recipe, which contains: non-dairy milk; collagen peptides (unflavored and chocolate); chia seeds; hemp hearts; cacao nibs; peanut butter; peanut butter powder; frozen banana; and frozen spinach. 

On weekends, she likes to switch it up with a chia pudding, smoothie bowl, English muffin, or egg/avocado toast.


Andrea’s lunch this week was a fresh chicken caesar salad wrap on a Siete burrito-sized cassava flour tortilla with homemade dressing, grilled chicken, lettuce, roasted Brussel sprouts (for extra greens), and roasted chickpeas (for an added crunch).

While this is a popular lunch food, Andrea shares that many of her lunches don’t have the typical “look.” “Society’s ideals of what meals should be put restrictions on what we eat. Your lunch can be whatever you want it to be – whatever you’re craving.” Don’t be afraid to break out of the “box” and make what you want. You can have a pasta or meat and potato dish for lunch, and you can have a salad and/or soup for dinner.


For dinner, Andrea put a special twist on a crowd-favorite: Chipotle Bowl. Her bowl included a cilantro-lime brown rice and cauliflower rice mixture; black and pinto bean combination; sauteed onions and peppers; fresh mixed greens; homemade guacamole; pork carnitas; and a coconut yogurt lime crema to top it all off.

Cooking Style:

Everyone has a different lifestyle and cooking habits, and that’s okay. You may favor convenience, creativity, or a little bit of both. Andrea and her partner are loyal fans of meal prepping; they have found that it fits their schedule and supports their health goals. Each Sunday, they prepare all of their lunches and dinners for the week, and they eat the same thing each day (with breaks on the weekends for their favorite take-out foods).

“This may sound boring to some. We know it’s not for everyone,” said Andrea. “However, if you’re crunched for time during the week, and you can find new and exciting dishes that you can look forward to every day, it works!”

On weeks where they're unable to meal prep, Andrea's go-to convenience meal often includes some type of crackers; bell peppers; avocado; a canned/jarred fish; and any other seasonal fruit or veggie. 

Snacks & Baked Goods:

If you have an overwhelming sweet tooth to satisfy, then you and Andrea are alike. Andrea loves to find new snacks at the supermarket and bake things like banana breads, cookies, and pies (to eat in moderation, of course).


pictured, from left: banana bread donuts, drizzled with chocolate and sea salt; chocolate chip banana bread; chocolate peanut butter pie


pictured, from left:  Chocolate Babka (Jewish dessert); sliced nectarine with sacha inchi seed butter; and trail mix

A Peek Inside My Pantry:

Everyone has their own staples, but some of Andrea's include jarred fishes (tuna, mackerel, and trout); crackers; chocolate; grains; and – you guessed it – peanut butter.

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