Overcoming Bariatric Challenges: The Honeymoon Phase

January 10, 2020

Most patients can expect to lose the most weight within the first 18 months after having bariatric surgery. The pounds seem to melt off rapidly. We call this “The Honeymoon Phase.” This phase can typically last anywhere from 6 to 18 months immediately following surgery. Patient notice rapid weight loss during this time and feel their best. During this phase, we recommend patients begin and stick with an appropriate exercise routine as well as having regular follow-up visits with your doctor and dietitian to make sure you are on track with your diet. Since weight loss is the easiest during this phase (although some plateaus are to be expected), we encourage patients to strive for maximum healthy weight loss during this time to get the most out of their surgery. But don’t overdo it! Everything should be done in moderation and under the supervision of your doctor and dietitian to ensure you are doing this in the healthiest way possible.

After the honeymoon phase is over, it is normal for your weight loss to slow down and you may start to feel as though you are working a little harder to shed those pounds. It is normal for your weight loss to slow down after the honeymoon phase is over. Eventually your body will catch up to the new routine you now have in place after your surgery. Your body was not built to rapidly shed weight for a long period of time. So if this happens, don’t worry. Weight maintenance is harder than weight loss. With proper diet, exercise, and follow-up with your doctor and dietitian, we can make sure you stay on track to make the most out of this life-changing decision. Remember, you have a team at your fingertips to make this weight loss tool work for you to ensure long-term success!

Submitted by Jacquelyn Bartie, Jefferson Health General and Bariatric Surgery