A New Vascular Surgery Practice at Jefferson Health - New Jersey

September 3, 2020Dr. Timothy Wu

Jefferson New Jersey Primary & Specialty Care recently welcomed a new group of vascular surgeons. These surgeons are based at Jefferson New Jersey medical offices throughout the region, including Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Washington Township and Woodbury.

With more than a decade of experience in the medical field, Timothy Wu, MD, FACS, FSVS, leads a team of capable providers in his new role as Section Head for Vascular Surgery at Jefferson Health - New Jersey. Trained in Vascular Surgery at the University of Chicago Medical School and formerly on the faculty of the medical schools at the Univesrity of Pittsburgh and Rutgers University, we spoke with Dr. Wu about his new position and what he looks forward to bringing to communities of South Jersey.

Jefferson: What drew you to vascular surgery?

Dr. Wu: Vascular surgeons have the opportunity to act as primary care physicians, but also perform surgery. I was drawn to this role because it puts me in the unique position of operating on a patient and then maintaining that relationship through follow-up appointments throughout the rest of their life. Vascular disease is a chronic issue, so I get to be there for them for the long haul. I also love being in the operating room and being able to use some of the most advanced medical technologies, with minimally invasive surgery and other interventions.

Jefferson: What interventions do you specialize in?

Dr. Wu: My focus is on aortic diseases and carotid occlusive diseases. Generally, these are known as blockages in arteries and result in aneurysms if left untreated. In medical school, I focused my research on severe arterial blockages and limb salvage. My job was to improve patients’ circulation to limbs they were at risk of losing. At that time, we were developing new therapies for these patients and a better standard of treatment for them as well.

Jefferson: What is your patient care philosophy?

Dr. Wu: Vascular surgery is pretty unique because there can be a million different ways to accomplish the same goal. Especially with patients who tend to have multiple comorbid conditions, it’s important to tailor my approach based on those unique risk factors. What may be a good treatment option for one of my patients may not be good for another – even if they have the same disease. So I like to present them with as many viable options as I can and educate them on risks and benefits. This way they can make an informed decision that suits their needs and lifestyle.

Many vascular surgeons may gravitate toward the newest technology when it comes to treatment options, but that’s not always the best plan for every patient. After discussing all options with a patient, we sometimes make the decision to stick to medication to maintain their condition – and only resort to surgery if it becomes an urgent need. It all comes down to doing what’s best for each individual patient.

Jefferson: What do you look forward to bringing to the vascular surgery program at Jefferson Health—New Jersey?

Dr. Wu: I’m excited to update the way the vascular surgery program operates and bring it into the 21st century. We’ve already started building an excellent team of physicians, including Susanna H. Shin, MD, FACS, FSVS, and Elias Fakhoury, DO, both of whom I’ve worked with before. We’re also planning to develop a training program so we can recruit some of the best medical students in the country and elevate our academic research.

The new vascular program will provide patients with a one-stop shop for testing, office visits and, in some cases, procedures all in the same location. I really believe this teams works together well, and will grow as an important resource for Jefferson Health—New Jersey patients.

To make an appointment with a Jefferson New Jersey Vascular Surgeon, call 856-783-0191.