New Mother’s Pregnancy Journey Led to Dr. White’s Special Delivery

September 25, 2019

Michelle Waters began seeing Dr. Deborah White, OB/GYN at Jefferson Health in New Jersey, shortly after having a miscarriage. At first, a change in physicians made her a little weary, but within a few minutes of their first visit, it became clear that Dr. White was unlike any doctor she had ever met.

“Dr. White is so personable and caring. She always wants to know how you’re feeling, and answers any questions,” said Waters, 25, of Sewell. “These characteristics in a doctor are so important to me, having experienced trauma from a miscarriage.”

Waters recalls how troubling her emotions were when she and her husband first found out she was pregnant again.

“When you finally get pregnant again, you don’t feel that same excitement,” Waters said. “Instead, you feel fear of what could go wrong. That’s so hard. But you have to hold onto hope.”

A dedicated and supportive care team can help harness that hope for many patients like Waters. During her care, Waters explains, the most important thing Dr. White told her was, “we’ll treat this pregnancy as if it’s your first.”

“Whenever I would act fanatical, like when I couldn’t feel my baby moving, I would call Dr. White,” said Waters. “She would answer, talk me through it, and ask if I wanted to go into the office for some peace of mind.”

Pleasantly surprised again by her care team in the hospital, Waters said, “I felt great, even after a C-section! I was so excited to be discharged within a day; my baby and I both healthy.”

When Waters’ daughter Olivia was born on May 28, 2019, they received a small, but incredibly meaningful gift from Dr. White – a onesie that read, “Dr. White’s Special Delivery.”

“It’s as if she was a family member rather than my doctor,” said Waters.