Nature Sculpture Donated by Jefferson Health NJ Medical Staff at Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

November 11, 2019

After nearly three years of planning, nature was recently brought indoors at Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital during the dedication of a new, 50-feet-long, suspended sculpture. Donated by the Jefferson Health New Jersey Medical Staff and designed by Pennsylvania artist Talley Fisher, the abstract, floral sculpture flows through all levels of the atrium lobby, creating a calming, welcoming environment.

“Art can be such an important component to the entire wellness experience,” said Fisher. “We really wanted to create something that was uplifting. For just a brief moment, it can take your mind to a place of peace.”

Mark Schuster, DO, Chief of Medical Staff and Cherry Hill resident himself, explains that the mission of Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital is, always has been, and will remain to be, providing the best possible care for patients.

“I’m glad to have opportunities like this to contribute toward the Jefferson Health Foundation – New Jersey and help create a sound environment for our patients and the community,” said Schuster.

“Our Medical Staff perfectly echoed how healing and welcoming of a space this hospital is,” said Jeffrey Dubnow, Associate Vice President, Jefferson Health Foundation – New Jersey. “I won’t ever be able to look at this sculpture without thinking about our healers who improve lives every single day.”