Meet Brian Duffy - Real Men Wear Pink 2019 Representative

September 9, 2019

Brian Duffy, Jefferson Health New Jersey’s Director of Rehabilitation and 12-year employee, is one of South Jersey leaders representing this year’s American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink breast cancer awareness campaign.

Learn more about Brian and what inspired him to get involved:

What is your role as Director of Rehabilitation? 

I oversee operations, hiring, scheduling, performance reviews, policy and procedures, survey readiness, and other duties as assigned. In addition to sitting on multiple committees, I am chair of Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, and direct the new Maressa Center for MS Wellness at Jefferson: A Therapeutic Retreat for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Community.

What does breast cancer awareness mean to you?

It means improving public awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer, current treatment options, advancements, and most importantly, the extent to which a diagnosis can devastate lives –which is really why research needs to continue.

What inspired you to get involved with the campaign?

I have seen many close friends battle breast cancer. I’ve lost a colleague, and I have 3 other colleagues and 2 friends who I’m happy to say are survivors. Going through the diagnosis and treatment process with people you know and love gives you a new perspective for the devastating effects it has. It also makes you appreciate the importance of a resilient outlook!

I’ve seen firsthand the support people receive from our Cancer Center (Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Washington Township), and the strength survivors can draw from the cancer community and helping hands.

What are you most looking forward to, and how do you plan to get others involved?

I can’t wait to get creative and get involved with the help of our great staff, who have been involved in many fundraising efforts before, with true grass-root effort. We will create a fun and inclusive atmosphere that encourages participation from anybody who wants to make a change with us!

What is one thing you learned from 2018 representative, Rob Davis, VP of Product Lines, that will help you throughout this year’s campaign?

Rob expressed to me the importance of visibility and allowing your team to mobilize, or spread the word, about the cause as much as possible. Both Rob and Jefferson New Jersey President Joe Devine, 2017 representative, made great strides toward increasing awareness and raising funds. I hope to follow in their footsteps (and also raise more money than them!).

What is your fundraising goal?


If you would like to help Brian find a cure for breast cancer, click HERE to donate!