Manisha Shah: A Success Story

July 17, 2019

In 2016, when I elected to have gastric sleeve surgery, under the care of Dr. Marc Neff, I was unaware that I had made the most important, life-changing decision ever. Within 15 months, I reached my goal! I lost a total of 139 pounds. It was a major victory, but my journey did not end there.

Reaching that number on the scale was just a small part of my new life after weight-loss surgery. I’ve had to continue working on my health. A focus on exercise has been equally as important as awareness of what food I’m putting into my body.

For many people, especially those who have had weight-loss surgery, it takes effort to maintain your weight. However, if you gain a couple of pounds here and there, which is only natural, you just have to be cautious and act on it in a timely manner.

Finding the right foods to eat can get difficult. Working with dietitians, as I’ve had the opportunity to do, can be super helpful. I am vegan and from India, so a more personalized meal plan with various ingredients is just what I need. My dietitians have offered recipes and advice to get all the proper nutrients.

Dr. Marc Neff and his team were by my side the whole time. Dr. Neff is a great doctor. He always has a smile on his face. He takes his time, and thoroughly explains what you should expect. I was scared before surgery, but after meeting with him, that fear completely disappeared.

The benefits of having weight-loss surgery have been countless. Before, I had very little energy. I couldn’t walk up stairs without needing support and becoming out of breath, I couldn’t walk very far, and I couldn’t even imagine going to the gym. My joints were in pain, and I missed out on so many things I wanted to do with my daughter. While I had no major health complications, I knew they weren’t very far off if I kept going down the road I was on.

Now, I walk multiple miles a day. I go to the gym 5 days a week, and I love it! I am more energetic than ever before. I can play a game of volleyball with adults younger than myself, and they’ll get tired before I do! I’m no longer experiencing any breathing issues, and I can wear beautiful clothes again. I feel so much better about myself.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, you should consider weight-loss surgery. With the right team, it won’t be a scary experience. It will be an exciting one. I wish I made this decision earlier than I did, but it’s never too late to start this journey to a new and healthy life.

Thank you to Dr. Neff for giving me a new life. Thank you to my dietitians. Without their help, I would have never made it through and reached my goal. Thank you to all the other staff members who were so awesome, helpful, and supportive.