Lewis Schepacarter: A Success Story

May 21, 2019

“After three failed attempts to repair my hiatal hernia, which was affecting my everyday quality of life, Dr. Marc Neff suggested I undergo gastric sleeve surgery. This would help to stop the reoccurrence and alleviate the pressure on my stomach.

On July 3, 2018, I had the surgery, and since have lost over 70 pounds. Thanks to Dr. Neff and his team, I have a renewed lease on life.

I am now able to walk, bend, and do other strenuous activities without gasping for air. I have stopped all my medications, including blood pressure and stomach, and no longer have to use my Bi Pap machine for sleep apnea. What’s even more amazing is that at age 54, my energy level is back to where it was in my 20s. My life has drastically changed for the better, and my wife is glad to have the man she married back.

On such a difficult journey, it’s essential to have a caring support system. I know this because Dr. Neff and his staff have stood by my side this whole time. They are always courteous, professional, and willing to help with anything they can. They are readily available to answer questions and concerns, and they make sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

As for Dr. Neff, it’s clear that he truly wants you to succeed. He spends a lot of time speaking with you and taking a personal interest in your life. He is also willing to fight for you, and work with all your physicians to ensure you get the best possible care.

Having the opportunity to work with a dietitian throughout this journey was super helpful. She got me on the right path to eating healthy, specifically when it came to meal planning. She was very knowledgeable about pre-surgery and post-surgery care, and helped me identify foods that don’t have nutritional values and the ones that are full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Contrary to popular belief, physical appearance is not the primary benefit of weight-loss surgery, nor was making this decision the ‘easy way out.’ To have weight-loss surgery, you need to be diligent and follow the instructions of all medical professionals involved. After surgery, you need to continue to work hard to maintain your new physical status and overall well-being.

I’m so glad Dr. Neff encouraged me to go through with this wonderful and life-changing surgery. I would like to thank Dr. Neff and his team for their patience, understanding, and dedicated care, and more importantly, for not giving up on me.”