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August 11, 2020

A Bariatric Success Story 

Since I had my gastric sleeve done by Dr. Marc Neff in August 2019, I’ve felt so much better about myself. I haven’t had an asthma attack. My legs no longer hurt after a day of work. My energy has improved drastically; I actually look forward to working out almost every day. When I play with my kids – who are in their preteen and teenage years – I can sometimes outlast them!

While the non-scale victories truly have made all of the effort worthwhile, I am proud to say that I’ve lost 104 pounds since the start of my pre-op journey. Also, I’ve dropped from a size 28 to a size 16 (and in some brands – even a 14)!

My weight-loss journey actually started back in 2006, when I had a gastric lap band placed. I wasn’t expecting to have kids – as I had experienced infertility complications in the past – but I was pleasantly surprised with two pregnancies. Unfortunately – through a period of discomfort and severe nausea through both – my lap band slipped out of place. Over time, I put all of the weight back on.

A few years back, I started to work at the Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital Emergency Department as a full-time nurse practitioner. (Now, I am a per diem hospitalist.) I grew very close with my team and learned that many of my peers experienced similar health issues to mine.

Witnessing their newfound health and happiness after they underwent bariatric surgery inspired me to try again. I knew it was time to take responsibility. Plus, I took solace in the fact that I had an outstanding support system right by my side.

The moment I heard from Dr. Neff and Cheri Leahy at their information seminar, I knew this program was the right fit for me.

Cheri has taught me so much. I was following what I thought were good recipes and methods, but it turned out that there were even more effective ways to eat right that I didn’t know about.

My journey hasn’t always been perfect. At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to stress-eat again, and I inevitably gained some weight. 

I took accountability and mentioned this to Cheri. She didn’t make me feel ashamed; instead, she reminded me that we all make mistakes. What’s important is that we own up to them.

My co-workers and I all keep in close contact through a group chat. We support each other in honest ways. We celebrate our victories, but we’re also open about our downfalls.

I’ve also recently become a Beachbody coach, which has helped me stay motivated and connected with an even larger community of people, all on their own unique weight-loss journeys.

If your weight is causing you to suffer, but you’re hesitant to have bariatric surgery done, I encourage you not be afraid to ask questions – no matter how big or small. All of your concerns are valid, and you have a right to an answer from an expert.

Dr. Neff and his entire team have been great from the start. Not only are they incredibly responsive, but they never brush off your concerns – they take you seriously.

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