John Manning: A Success Story

August 27, 2018

When we talk about being overweight, it is easy to think that a change in diet and increasing exercise will do the trick. For some, it’s not so simple. John Manning underwent bariatric surgery only two years ago to the date! Throughout his journey, he’s encountered many struggles. One day, he was gifted with a triumph.

For years, John has purchased his clothing from a website that caters to men who wear big and tall sizes. After completing a questionnaire on the store’s website, he was contacted by a representative who invited him to model the brand’s clothing with three other participants. John was ecstatic! In no time, he and his wife Michele were whisked away to New York City where they met the other models for a professional photo shoot.

This experience was truly a confidence booster. John said, “They loved my story. There is no way I would ever have had the confidence to even try for it if it weren’t for Jefferson Health’s Bariatric team in New Jersey!”

John is no longer the same man who had trouble buckling his seatbelt and struggled with his health. He is a new person following a path to a healthier and happier life now weighing 304 pounds less!