Jefferson New Jersey Physician Wins Part in Kevin Hart Movie

May 18, 2020Dr. Henry Law

Congrats to Jefferson Health NJ anesthesiologist Dr. Henry Law, whose donation to a charitable cause during COVID-19 resulted in him being offered a walk-on part in an upcoming Kevin Hart movie!

The All In Challenge — created by Michael G. Rubin, founder of sports retailer Fanatics and partner in the Philadelphia 76ers — launched in mid-April to raise money for organizations providing food to those in need during the pandemic. Powered by dozens of celebrity-focused “experiences” — like a ride on Drake’s private jet, a U of Texas football game with actor (and Texan) Matthew McConaughey, a virtual serenade by Justin Bieber or a golf lesson with Tiger Woods – more than $40 million has been raised. Most of the bids are to share experiences with A-list celebs and athletes and donations range from $10 and up. Dr. Law, a South Jersey native and self-described “big 76ers fan” decided to enter the challenge as a way to give back during the pandemic.

“I had already donated to some food charities but when I realized this crisis wasn’t going away anytime soon, I thought this would be a good way to continue to give back,” said the Cherry Hill resident and RowanSOM grad. Dr. Law said he made his donation, picked several potential winning prizes through the online sweepstakes, and “sort of forgot about it.”

“It never really crossed my mind that I could win something,” he said. “I mean, thousands of people are taking part — what are the odds?”

An early May phone call from someone telling Dr. Law he was a potential winner of a big prize was initially met with skepticism: “I thought it was probably a scam. It was hard to believe.” More phone calls followed, including a 45-minute video “screening interview,” where Kevin Hart suddenly appeared to announce the big news. “I was shocked,” said Dr. Law. “I was thinking ‘Are they expecting me to have a bigger reaction or do I need to tone it down?’” A clip of his instant rapport with Hart went viral within days, reaching audiences from Philly to London. For now, Dr. Law said he’s equal parts nervous and excited about the upcoming film experience.

“Hollywood is on hold, like everywhere else, so I don’t know when it will happen, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience.” The son of Chinese immigrants, Dr. Law says his friends’ excitement — fueled by a social media and news frenzy — has been countered by his mother’s laidback response to his big win: “She sort of said, ‘That’s nice. Do you know we’re making dumplings tonight?’” And that, he says, is a reminder that his life is — for the most part — unchanged: “I’m still me; a working doctor.” Just one who is basking in a little more limelight than usual.

Congrats, Dr. Law!