JeffConnect® Serves as an Excellent Diagnostic Tool for Patient with Shingles

March 29, 2019

When John Horgan started experiencing pain he suspected might be a result of shingles, he knew he needed to speak with a doctor as soon as possible. Even though his primary care physician, Dr. Matthew Gettings of Marlton Primary & Specialty Care, was unable to see him that day, he was able to speak with another physician right away.

Horgan, 72, of Palmyra, was examined and diagnosed over the phone by Dr. Alexandr Zaslavsky of West Berlin Primary & Specialty Care through our easy-to-use TeleHealth service, JeffConnect®. Using this service was a first for both of them.

Horgan’s appointment with Dr. Zaslavsky was similar to a video-chat and only took about 15 minutes. Horgan’s daughter sat by his side and followed helpful instructions from Dr. Zaslavsky about where to hold the camera to get the clearest observation.

“Dr. Zaslavsky was very nice,” Horgan said. “He said I definitely had shingles, and he was able to prescribe medication right away. I never knew getting medical attention so quickly could be this easy and such a great experience.”

“If your physician is unavailable to speak that day, not having to wait for an appointment is a really great benefit of this service that many people don’t know about,” said Dr. Zaslavsky. “Another benefit is the improvement of access to care for patients who are either unable to travel or too busy to take off work.”

Dr. Zaslavsky noted that in John’s case, a JeffConnect visit was the right choice, because “the use of technology served as a great diagnostic tool, and the treatment was the same as if the patient had been physically present.”

A couple of days later, Horgan had a face-to-face check-up with Dr. Gettings.

“Dr. Gettings wanted to make sure I was doing okay,” said Horgan. “He’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. I really mean that. He doesn’t ‘monkey around.’”

Impressed with the ease of his JeffConnect visit, Horgan said he’s interested in using the service again.

“It really saves a lot of time. Not to mention, your mind is often clearer when you’re in the comfort of your own home,” said Horgan. “I think this is a fantastic service for everyone to try. The doctor is actually talking to you. It’s the same situation as if you were in the office, except you just have to make a quick phone call. I gotta do this more often!”

“Not only is JeffConnect beneficial for the patient, but the format is great for physicians too,” explained Dr. Zaslavsky. “Patient records are readily available and easily identifiable. But my favorite part of the service has to be the ability to provide fast and convenient care.”

To learn more about JeffConnect®, click here. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call 844-542-2273.