JeffConnect® Makes Visiting Your Doctor Easier Than Ever Before

March 12, 2019Dr. Matthew Gettings

Getting in to see your doctor can be difficult, and when you’re trying to navigate your already busy schedule, nearly impossible. If you’re feeling under the weather, wouldn’t it be easier to receive the same care from the comfort of your home?

Now, you can. If you’re a Jefferson Health Primary & Specialty Care patient, we encourage you to sit back and take the hassle out of your doctor’s visit. Now, for all Primary & Specialty Care Services – including family medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, gastroenterology and medical oncology – you can enjoy the benefits of a virtual visit through our easy-to-use TeleHealth service, JeffConnect®.

JeffConnect is accessible on your computer or through your mobile device – the app is free from the App Store and Google Play! Plus, visits are covered by most insurances.

Dr. Matthew Gettings of Marlton Primary & Specialty Care uses JeffConnect regularly and shares that it can benefit both the physician and patient greatly.

“This service is convenient for patients who don’t have to spend time in the waiting room or stuck in traffic,” said Dr. Gettings. “It also has the potential to provide care in a situation where an office is closed for a snowstorm.”

There are other circumstances where the availability of a TeleHealth service can alleviate typical complications, as Dr. Gettings has witnessed.

“I love the ease of access and the ability to help patients who have transportation needs,” Dr. Gettings continued. “If a patient misses their appointment time, they now have the opportunity to be seen remotely by another physician. In the past, this would have translated to an unmet need and the patient, unfortunately, may have been turned away.”

Additional benefits of JeffConnect include:

  • Being fast-tracked to the nearest Jefferson Emergency Department, if necessary
  • Having prescriptions written remotely
  • Being referred to a medical specialist, if needed.

“Many patient complaints can at least be started by JeffConnect,” Dr. Gettings explained. “If the provider feels a face-to-face is important, the visit can be suspended and picked up in the office. The patient may also be escalated to Care Now or the Emergency Department, if needed.”

Keep in mind, regular primary care visits via JeffConnect can be scheduled same day.

When asked what his favorite part about the service is, Dr. Gettings answered, “I have a passion for connecting people to care. Through JeffConnect, I often gain a deeper understanding of family dynamics and living situations. I have met spouses, children and pets I may not have otherwise met. These visits are so convenient; I want them for myself, when I am the patient!”

To learn more about JeffConnect®, click here. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call 844-542-2273.