Faith and Friendship: How Nancy Has Persevered through Her Cancer Journey

February 4, 2020

pictured above, from left: Stacy Jacobs, RN; Dr. Ana María López; Nancy; Allison Gibase, RN; and Margaret Mackiewicz, BSN, RN, CPN. 

In honor of World Cancer Day, on February 4, Nancy Davis-Jackson shared her story: 

Nancy had been getting her yearly mammogram every year since her late thirties. Used to the routine test showing “all clear,” she wasn’t sure what to expect when her doctor found something suspicious. A breast cancer diagnosis was about to change her life.

Nancy, 57, of Glassboro, was referred to Dr. Kahyun Yoon-Flannery, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center - Washington Township. In July 2019, she underwent a lumpectomy, and port placement and, by the end of the month, had started chemotherapy treatment. 

“Like most people, I go for my necessary medical check-ups and think to myself, ‘Okay, I won’t see this person again until next year,’” said Nancy. “Then, out of nowhere, you start this long, extensive process, and your doctors start to feel like family members.” 

Nancy’s support systems during her cancer journey have included the Cancer Center team, her husband, sons, friends, and church family. 

“Dr. Flannery, Dr. Ana María López, and their teams have been excellent, including my nurses Stacy Jacobs, Allison Gibase, Margaret Mackiewicz, Susan Schact, Traci Loud, and Alyson Seidel,” said Nancy. “Everybody is truly helpful and caring, from the people who sign you in at the front desk, to the nurses and doctors.” 

Above all else, however, Nancy has held onto her Christian faith in order to press on at each appointment. “From day one, it’s how I’ve been able to stay positive through such a life-altering illness.” 

Out of work for six months, Nancy was recently able to return to her job – and even though she is still going through chemo, she feels healthy, and has experienced minimal side effects. 

For other people who have received a cancer diagnosis, Nancy reminds them to listen to and have confidence in their doctors and treatment plan. “When you find the right team, you know that they know what’s best for you. Stay on top of your health, don’t miss appointments, and most importantly, do everything you can to keep a positive and faithful outlook!”

Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

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