Debbie: A Success Story

February 26, 2020

Before bariatric surgery, I had zero confidence. My teenage son was embarrassed to be seen with me, or have me attend school events, because his classmates would say mean things about me behind my back. I wasn’t upset with him. I was upset with myself. I needed an eye opener to get my health back on track.

In September 2019, I had gastric sleeve surgery done by Dr. Adeshola Fakulujo. Nearly six months into my weight loss journey, I have lost 100 pounds!

I have a newfound health, positive attitude, and self-esteem. The energy that I feel on a daily basis is life-changing. Instead of being a follower, and hiding behind the crowd, I am now proud to be a leader. I’ve even started to encourage others to take back their health the same way that I did.  

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but luckily, at Jefferson Health in New Jersey, there are many helping hands to guide you along the way. My dietitians provided goal-oriented tips to help me understand nutrition labels and make overall healthier choices. Dr. Fakulujo and his team thoroughly explained everything I needed to know – and he’s always there to give me a hug when I need some extra encouragement!

Jefferson NJ offers wonderful fitness classes and support groups for bariatric patients either for free or at a low cost. There’s nothing better than learning from others who have truly walked in your shoes. Now, I do water fitness almost every day, with the class and on my own. It’s a blast! When you have fun exercising, it makes it so much easier.

Above all else, my son is eager to hang out with me again. We even go to the gym together, and he’s not afraid to wrap his arms around me! I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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