The Art of Healing Words: How Writing Can Guide You Through Your Cancer Journey

February 16, 2021


Healing Words is one of many virtual classes offered through the Center for Hope & Healing at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Washington Township to provide support for people diagnosed with cancer and survivors.   

Led by Linda Beverett, local author and Coordinator of the Center for Hope & Healing, the class is offered every 1st and 3rd Thursday (except for holidays) to all patients with cancer and survivors in the community, as well as any family members who may wish to join with their loved ones.  

Linda thoughtfully recalls the time when she first started writing some 13 years ago and shares her wisdom on the positive benefits of reflection and placing those feelings down on paper. "Writing gave me a much-needed roadmap to see where I was, where I was headed, and what I had the ability to change,” said Linda.

Linda realized this process could be a powerful, and supportive tool for helping patients with cancer and survivors. Linda developed the virtual session: “Healing Words” as a method to provide supportive and reflective writing activities. ‘“One of the virtual class exercises was to view a calming picture, like waterfalls and trees, while listening to low, soft, soothing music for 2 minutes, then taking 3 minutes to write a few sentences or words about how the picture made them feel. With all the outside distractions that are faced daily, it is a great exercise to ‘stop and focus’ for 5 short minutes, while moving forward for the purpose of writing and journaling”, said Linda.  

In her class, participants are encouraged to journal on a regular basis along with receiving special writing exercises. One of her favorite assignments is gratitude journaling. Linda teaches the participants the value of reflective writing and coaches on the journaling process and shares her passion for writing with the participants.  

"As the writing process begins, negative thoughts may be reflected, and that’s ok and normal,” added Linda.  However, "by keeping a gratitude journal, in addition to your routine journal, can help pinpoint and remember the positives that exist in one’s life and as time progresses, the things that make you smile and that you are grateful for, big or small, will become very easily apparent." 

Participants are welcome to share their writings and reflections with their co-participants, if they choose; sharing and listening to one another can serve as an additional level of support. 

This virtual class will allow participants to write, reflect, and learn the tenets of journaling and ultimately teach a lifelong skill and a fervor for reflective writing.

To register for this class, click HERE or view the flier below.

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